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Resolve IT

"We really love working with Hydra and it's just obvious that the team love doing their jobs - and that comes across when working with them. "


"Hydra worked well beside our PR team to form a plan for how we move forward and were really keen in getting us through the process. "

Cathedral Archer Project

"We could see that they understand what we're talking about but they also really engaged with what the project was about and got involved from that perspective. "

The Childrens Sleep Charity

"When I spoke to Hydra, I found that they explained things in a really easy to understand way. It was a really friendly but professional service that they offered and I felt comfortable commissioning them to help develop our website. "


"We get a lot more people phoning up to say that they love the website, which is fantastic news for us."

RMC Media

"Hydra helped us clarify our thoughts on what the website should be seeking to achieve. We liked their ideas and they seemed very willing to work with us as a leading brand in Sheffield."

DSA Group

"There was a lot of guidance on what we needed in terms of our target marketing and they are really pleasant to work with."

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