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Why should I use WordPress?

WordPress started life as a simple blogging platform but has moved well beyond its original purpose thanks to the work of an army of enthusiasts and developers.

In 2015, the WordPress CMS (Content Management System) is considered a stable, reliable and extendable base to build a blog, brochure website or even a secure online shop. 

Or you may be considering WordPress as a B2B platform, or to create landing pages for a new product or service.

Will this platform suit my ecommerce website?

Like all out-of-the-box solutions, WordPress is most effective when it’s been optimised for its intended purpose. In the right hands, the system can become an attractive and cost effective equivalent to E-commerce platforms like Magento, Shopify and BigCommerce.

Compatibility with 3rd party services including Sagepay, Paypal and Amazon is excellent - with 1,000s of possible integrations with payment, stock management and other systems available. 

Search Engine Optimisation basics and Google Analytics features are switched on with a simple toggle. 

If you’re comparing WordPress to other platforms why not create an account at Wordpress.com and take the system for a spin?

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