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Video now accounts for over 70% of all online traffic. Therefore, it makes sense for forward-thinking companies to use video production to promote their key messages. A video about a monthly, quarterly or annual event, such as a business expo or awards dinner, will help get those new delegates through the door year after year. A well thought-out, professionally filmed event video can mean the difference between struggling to sell tickets, and having to open a waiting list.

Promote your events

Event videos document the efforts your company makes when organising and running an event. Rather than losing the magic of your event, why not incorporate it into a compact, engaging and accessible video? Integrating these videos onto your website, social media, and other appropriate online platforms will provide an insight for your visitors into your company's past successful events.

Spotting opportunities

Here at Hydra Creative, we love filming event videos. Our video production team work closely with you to ensure that we capture everything in your brief - maybe even a little more, as we keep our eyes and ears open to spot unique spontaneous opportunities during your event.

We will also suggest ideas that will help to boost user engagement, with the key aims of increasing the views of your video and generating interest in your next event.

Encourage interaction

One proven and effective way is by not only interviewing delegates and VIP attendees on their thoughts and opinions on the event, but to also ask for three top tips about the event topic itself.

This is a quick, effective and fun way to use video production to communicate feedback from guests about your past events to potential attendees, and to encourage interaction at future events. This method also creates a time-effective, informative layer to your video that is ideal to share online, whilst still underlining and promoting your event.

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Want to find out more about how event videos can help you? Contact us today. Explore our past event videos here.

Event Video

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