On the 20th of May at 10am, David Saunderson will be exploring cognitive bias, and how it is used in UX design. Cognitive biases are errors in the way we perceive our environments and make judgements. You can use biases in many different ways to influence user behaviour in your products and services. Whether you are creating the user experience of an interface or purchasing something online, cognitive bias is always something to be aware of.

 All webinar attendees will be eligible for a FREE website UX report.


What will the webinar cover?

-What are cognitive biases?

-Where they are commonly found

-How it is commonly used in everyday web design.


What does a UX report cover?

A UX report assesses your website from a user experience point of view, to ensure that it is resonating effectively with your target audience.

We take into account the goals of the user and the business, where your business sits in the digital space, visual psychology principles in application, user journey mapping and analytical assessment.


The webinar will be delivered via Microsoft Teams. Therefore, keep an eyeout for your event link landing in your inbox once you’ve signed up, at least 24 hours prior to the event. If it doesn’t arrive, check your spam or get in touch with us.

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