Website Development


Unify specialise in innovative custodial technology and business IT solutions, amongst other services. They had an outdated website that needed to match the brand refresh we had worked with them to design and implement.

They wanted a WordPress website, as they were already familiar with the open-source Content Management System. We agreed to build the website for them, along with integrating it with their updated branding and features.


What We Did

Keeping in mind that the new website needed to effectively showcase the custodial side of their work, as well as business IT solutions, we designed and then built the site on WordPress' CMS, incorporating with the freshly written literature and branding, all curated to match the colours and style of Unify's new folders and inserts we had also created. We built the site to be user-friendly, with ease of navigation, providing clear user journeys for each side of the business. The flexible template we developed for Unify allows new pages to be created with custom layouts.

Each webpage was designed to have a similar layout, with clear information about each of the services that Unify provide their customers, along with relevant imagery.  We created a timeline webpage for their site, that featured the custom timeline that we created, that is proudly displayed on the walls of Unify’s main meeting room.

The 'U' shape on the new homepage was made to match the style of their new literature, email signatures and business cards that we had also redesigned. We ensured that all branding elements, including Unify's website, were redesigned and implemented into their new WordPress website ahead of their conference in Lisbon, keeping to a tight deadline and completing the project before the original proposed date.

Website Development


Unify now have a fully-functioning, brand-optimised website that showcases their products and services, with updated, relevant content that can be easily updated by Unify admin at any time.

Unify were “really happy” with the finished product, stating how our team had “all worked so hard”. They also immediately recommended us to another prospective client, due to how delighted they were with the newly launched site. Visit their new website here.

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