The Crowded Souls Trilogy book designs

The Brief

We were commissioned to design a trilogy of book covers, to accompany a soon to be published series of books written in the teen witchcraft genre, by up and coming author, J C Beckham.

The books have been written for a young adult audience, and so the covers needed to effectively capture the theme of the books, as well as have on-the-shelf pulling power for the target audience, to increase recognition and maximise sales.

The Designs

To successfully hit the brief, we spent time researching the target audience, as well as taking time to familiarise ourselves with similar genre book covers. We then went on to work out the best styling and branding guidelines for the project, working closely with the client at every step.

We agreed with the client to go with a consistent style design throughout the trilogy, to allow readers to familiarise themselves with the author, and instantly recognise other books in the series. Clever use of flags represents the theme of each book,  as well as pulling together the entire theme of the trilogy.

The first two books in the trilogy have been released and are now available to purchase on Amazon.

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