Google AdWords

The Brief

Techniserve wanted to increase the amount of traffic coming on to their website, as well as maximise the number of enquiries they receive both through the website and via telephone. We recommended a PPC campaign to quickly achieve these aims.

We recommended a PPC campaign to quickly achieve these aims.

Google AdWords


We structured the account to include the wide range of services which Techniserve have to offer, ensuring that each ad group contained call extensions to maximise customer telephone enquiries from the ad campaigns. Google AdWords is a powerful marketing tool – it can give you a detailed account of how successful your search engine advertisements are. It highlights what works, and just as importantly, what doesn't work.

As experts in this field, we are fully aware that with the right information at our fingertips, we can effectively utilise the data available to us online, and cater campaigns accordingly, to each particular business. Our team identified the main target audience (who were consistently converting) for Techniserve and then targeted this market. Targeted ads are invaluable – you can select the demographics of the people you want to target, from gender to age to geographical location. We analysed the metrics and ensured the right groups of people received increased exposure to ads, improving the likelihood of a high return on investment. We used these tactics to our advantage, gaining an in-depth insight into Techniserve's business.


Our focus on Techniserve's Adwords and pay per click brought in the desired results. After monthly budget optimisation and increasing the quality score, we have seen significant improvement in the performance of the account. Since the beginning of the six-month campaign, to March 2017 cost-per-conversion (CPC) has decreased by 69.44%.

+38.87% New Sessions
+29.97% Individual Users YoY
-69.44% Cost-Per-Conversion
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