Bespoke Web design & development

The Challenge

Slipstream, a new product recently launched by Lightwork Design, required an effective web presence to support their launch into a new product market.

The new software allows businesses to automate and streamline their visualisation design process using virtual reality (VR) design reviews. The new website needed to be user-friendly to attract and maintain the interest of potential customers, making it easy for information to be found whilst also supplying a comprehensive product overview.

The Approach

We designed and built the new Slipstream website with User Experience (UX) in mind, as well as integrating the site with their own Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

By working collaboratively with Lightworks, and utilising robust market research, we were able to understand the nature of the product and the importance of usability and accessibility of information. We designed the website around its required functionality, working on a bespoke CMS that would allow the site to grow dynamically, with a focus on generating enquiries.

Bespoke Web design & development

The Success

The new website captures the techy feel suited to Slipstream's target market, and acts as a knowledge hub for everything Slipstream. The website looks clean-cut and contemporary, whilst delivering a detailed overview of the product.

Slipstream’s website hosts technological information, news and tutorials, all of which will work as an aid to generate new business leads. Integrated with their CRM is a host of tracking software to help with marketing efforts, in addition to an easy-to-use and functional Content Management System. Slipstream have already started to build a solid base of users, with site traffic consistently growing. Together, these elements are successfully generating regular leads for the product – achieving the main objective of the project.

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