Sheffield Kitchen Outlet
Product brochure

The Brief

Following the successful launch of the new Sheffield Kitchen Outlet website, the popular kitchen supplier approached us to design their new product brochure.

They required a new brochure that reflected their website and was easy to read featuring all the essential information. The brochure needed to further enhance their brand and display their vast product ranges effectively.


To begin this project, we carried out detailed brochure design research, tracking the reader journey through the brochure and identifying the most effective ways of displaying the products to be eye catching and encourage sales.

As well as the brochure being distributed to customers to take away and browse through, it is also used as a sales tool to be utilised by Sheffield Kitchen Outlet staff. We designed the brochure to enable quick access to different areas – this was made possible by using design techniques such as colour coding. Each section complements the last, but has also been designed to portray the uniqueness of each range of products in the different sections.


Why a brochure?

Even in the current digital-age, the humble brochure can be an effective business tool – with clear, user-friendly designs, a physical brochure showcasing your brand has proven time and time again that it can be an extremely effective marketing tool for all types of businesses.

Brochures help make your brand memorable, and act as a reminder of your company and services. When well designed, brochures encourage potential customers to complete desired conversions – this could be anything from getting in touch, visiting your store or buying your product – depending on your business aims.

Product brochure
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