The Expo People
Bespoke Web design & development


The Expo People specialise in the design and build of bespoke exhibition stands. They approached us to improve their online presence, and simplify the process of uploading fresh imagery and content to their website.

The Expo People wanted a website that effectively showcased the services they offer with great user experience through easy navigation and all the essential information readily available. The website needed to be professional, approachable and user-friendly, with the aim of encouraging engagement with a broad target audience. Additionally, The Expo People wanted a creative solution to boost traffic to the website, as well as increasing interaction and enquiries.


We developed a strategy to encourage engagement with a well-optimised and user-friendly website, reinforcing The Expo People as experts within their field. To further boost engagement, we built an efficient, online site calculator.

To ensure that it is a prominent part of the website, the calculator is featured throughout the site, with a ‘request a free design proposal’ CTA (call-to-action) button on the side of every page to encourage customers to try it out. We built the calculator to the specification provided by The Expo People to include all required filters. The key function is for clients to be able to put in their specific exhibition stand requirements, from the size they desire to additional accessories, such as LED flooring or literature racks. The advanced calculator then processes the provided details to generate a design proposal quote that brings another level of interaction that most competitors lack.

An immediate estimate cost is produced from the information provided. The calculator page prompts users to get in touch with The Expo People for a more accurate price. An exact quote can be discussed and assessed in more depth with direct contact. The calculator is a very helpful guide for approximate pricing, and encourages interactions which lead to sales.


The new website has been extremely effective in boosting web traffic and engagement; Google Analytics reports show that in comparison to August 2018 (the month before the new web launch), in October 2018 visits to the site increased by over double, and page views were up 250%.

Additionally, the calculator has been well-received by a growing client base, and has generated more enquiries, resulting in a higher return on investment.

Take a look at the calculator, and the new website here. 

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