RSPCA Promotional Video

Hydra Creative have made it a pleasure to work with them. From day one we have been made to feel like we are the only project that matters, and they have delivered a product that has surpassed our expectations.

The Brief

The Sheffield Branch of the RSPCA wanted to increase donations through text messages, phone calls and by supporters visiting the just giving page. They asked us to create a video which could be used on multiple channels, to increase awareness of the charity, and encourage people to donate.


Throughout the video, we included the facilities that the donations supported the running of, including: kennels, cattery and the surgery. This was to enforce the message that without donations these facilities would be unable to keep going, thus encouraging action on the part of the donator.

Hydra held our hand through the whole process answering any questions we had and delivering on what we asked for. Excellent customer service.

Special Considerations

The video was required to possess a positive tone throughout, as this works well online, and so would be more likely to be shared through social media channels. We had to ensure that the video reflected that the charity is stand-alone to the national RSPCA, and relies solely on donations to keep running. 

See the finished video, below.

The Final Result

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