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The Brief

ProDental, a nationwide online dental CPD provider, have worked with us for several years now on various projects.

ProDental recently approached us to support them with the filming of their ongoing CPD lectures and webinars, specifically aimed at Dental Professionals registered to work in the UK.


ProDental chose to work with us on these ongoing projects as we offer the flexibility required by varied filming schedules and timings, as well as locations.

Each video is carefully planned in advance, with the scripts being structured to ensure that all content is informative, clear in its delivery, and relevant.  In order to produce seamless end videos, some elements utilise a green screen and autocue in a sound proofed studio.  This ensures an end solution that is of a consistent high quality, and is well suited to a study environment due to the sound quality and concise delivery of information.


Although each recording focuses on a different subject or element, and is effective as a stand-alone course, every video also needs to complement the overall look of the CPD videos, to ensure continuity and brand recognition.  This means that they can be viewed as part of a series, for dental professionals who are required to undertake several related CPD sessions.  Ensuring that each video fits with the rest also promotes brand recognition for ProDental, as well as familiarity and trust amongst its users, increasing engagement and loyalty.


End Result

These on-demand, online ProDental CPD videos, having captured the market, are now viewed daily by thousands of dental professionals across the UK, ensuring that the UK dentistry profession is always up to date with latest health, safety, medical and professional requirements.  These videos contribute to the UK dental profession being one of the most qualified and advanced in the world, and we are delighted to be the chosen digital partner of such a vital service.

Many of our clients have chosen us as their ongoing marketing agency, and we work with them on everything from website maintenance to SEO and video 

If you would like to discuss how we could support your CPD or multi-video requirements, please get in touch.


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