MBE Chauffeurs
MBE Chauffeurs SEO

The Brief

MBE Chauffeurs had high search engine rankings for their relevant keywords for their old, outdated website. When building their new site, we refined the user journey, eliminating some pages that were no longer necessary or relevant. As these pages included SEO-friendly content, MBE were concerned that they would lose their search engine rankings.

Whilst the new website was in the pre-launch stage, we started our extensive research into the market and identified target audience.


From our strategy, we had an extensive list of tasks which we began to carry out in the coming months following the launch of the new website. We ensured that each page of the new site was fully optimised and had relevant, engaging content to reflect the keywords. A key indicator of success was to be an increase in organic search traffic visiting the new website.


For organic search traffic, there has been a 11.76% increase from January 2017 (399 users) compared to January 2016 (357 users).

Individual sessions have increased by 15.54% as of January 2017 (647) compared to January 2016 (560). Organic search traffic is steadily increasing, which we had highlighted as a key objective for the SEO campaign.

+ 11.76% YoY Organic search traffic
+ 15.54% YoY individual sessions
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