Brand development

The Brief

Lyonhurst specialises in organising and hosting high profile sporting events across the country.

The company required branding that correctly reflected the business model and target audience. As the brand is targeted more at a male audience, it was required that the branding had a masculine look to it, without alienating the female audience that makes up a growing portion of the client base.

The Project

Within our initial discovery session, we identified where in the market Lyonhurst wished to be, who their competitors were, and then started our extensive research. We analysed competitors and their brands, to understand what makes a strong brand within that particular industry.

The brand needed to appear fierce and strong, to ensure that the business could hold its own in the heavily competitive market in which it wished to establish itself. Fiery bold colours were chosen to give the perception of strength and power, two words we had identified as synonymous with the sporting industry as a whole. This then guided our concepts towards the final design.

The Brand

The completed brand is bold and vibrant, and stands out in a crowded marketplace. The lion’s mane design is memorable and transferable to all outlets, whether online or in print, ensuring that the logo is effective and future-proofed, being strong enough to grow with the company, wherever the future takes it...

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