Bespoke Marketing Campaign
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In preparation for the B2B Expo at the London Excel we needed a marketing campaign that would enable us to be memorable, whilst giving away something that would be useful to prospective customers.

In a crowded environment such as an expo, exhibitors tend to give away useful branded items such as pens, notebooks and mugs, in the hope that these items will be retained as a constant reminder of the company, and referred to in a time of need. These standard promotional items are great, but we wanted something a bit different to attract people to our stand.

What We Did

After a brainstorming session putting together ideas of what people use at work, and what would make their desk space more interesting, we came up with the concept of a desk-based plant, which fits in perfectly with the hot topic of the moment - sustainability. As the expo was in London, an area where there is a shortage of garden space, we felt that offering visitors a small DIY desk garden, that would enable them to grow their own beautiful blooming flowers, would provide a feeling of homeliness.

As one of our core business objectives are to grow successful businesses, we felt it was only fitting that this formed the strapline of our campaign. We sourced the plants and chose summer flowers as they would be ready to bloom in time for the summer months (as long as the plants were looked after!). We then created accompanying tags which were printed on to recycled uncoated card in a brown paper style with the content in a black ink. The content followed the style of a plant care guide whilst having a marketing twist to it, making it unique to our objectives. Each tag was attached to a plant tube with our full contact details on. To appeal to visitors walking past our stand we designed a 2.3m fabric banner in the same style as the tags to tie everything together. This was used to attract people to the stand, enabling us to chat to them and offer them a branded desk garden.


The campaign worked well in terms of meeting our objectives of attracting visitors to the stand, creating an awareness of the brand and having an interesting gift to give away to prospective customers.

Visitors walking past the stand were immediately interested in the fabric banner and the message that it presented, which allowed us to be able to start a conversation with them. The conversation began with us offering a plant and the message behind them, however this then turned into being presented with issues that attending businesses were experiencing with their marketing, with visitors asking how we could help them. The next steps for the campaign are to create and maintain engagement through social media using the hashtag #growwithhydra

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