Fitness Unlimited
Promotional Recruitment Video

The Brief

Fitness Unlimited came to us for a video designed to help recruit fitness professionals for all areas of the business – in particular personal trainers. The video was aimed at fitness professionals of all shapes, ages, ethnicities and sexes – not just muscle-clad personal trainers.

Promotional Recruitment Video

“Hydra could not have got the final product any more right if they tried!


The video was filmed over two days in various classes and gyms throughout Sheffield. The tag-line ‘Are You FU?’ was prominently featured throughout our fast paced, action packed video. We wanted the video to evoke excitement in the target audience – showcasing Fitness Unlimited as a pleasant, desirable place to work.

We wanted to compile a variety of different shots, to highlight the versatility of the gym – some of the captured footage included personal trainers, spin classes and weight lifting – all in a bid to entice the target market (new employees) as these are their potential new working conditions.

The secondary target audience would be prospective users of the gym. The video needed to appeal to both those looking to work and use a new gym – we wanted to portray the wide selection of facilities as favourably as possible.

We recorded all the footage we needed to – a lot of hard at work gym goers, engaged in sweat-inducing exercise! Many of the gym's modern facilities are showcased throughout the video, along with their positive, friendly team members. We believe we captured, through video production Fitness Unlimited's essence – a pleasant working environment with great, modern gym equipment and dedicated exercisers.

The Final Result

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