Doors & Floors Galore
E-commerce Website Development

The Brief

Our brief was to build a bespoke e-commerce website, that would encourage increased online sales and enable steady business growth.  The website also needed to be optimised for SEO purposes.

Unusually, the client came to us having already agreed upon the design of the website.  We were then tasked with adapting the design for use on mobile devices and tablets, to enhance the user experience.

E-commerce Website Development


The website needed to be easy to use for both the site visitor and admin. Due to constantly expanding product lines and ranges, the ability to easily add and remove products from the website through a bespoke and robust content management system (CMS) was a key requirement. 

What we did

Automatic emails go out to customers once they have purchased an item, with further automatic email updates throughout the transaction stages, up until the order is delivered to the customer. This enables the customer to be fully informed at all stages of their purchase journey, enhancing the buying process, and reducing the amount of order status enquiries being received by staff.

Within the bespoke CMS there is an option for admin to add multiple user accounts. This gives them the ability to allow different staff members to administer different areas of the website.


Due to the user-friendly CMS and automated functions of the website, admin users of Doors & Floors Galore are able to update the website easily and efficiently. This saves time, allowing staff to get on with other daily tasks.

Within the CMS there is an option to buy as a customer.  This enables website admin to put telephone purchases through the CMS on behalf of customers who may not wish to buy through the website themselves.  Having a CMS that allows for a joined-up sales process in this way not only ensures that both telephone and website orders adhere to the same process, removing the likelihood of non-web orders slipping through the net, but also ensures that every customer gets the same experience, regardless of the way they have chosen to purchase.

+470% Online Sales YoY
+19.18% Goal Completions YoY
+15.54% Goal Conversion Rate YoY
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