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Cathedral Archer Project website

The Cathedral Archer Project are a Sheffield-based charity, dedicated to helping the homeless and vulnerable. They needed a fresh new website that was easy to update, as well as being attractive and accessible to visitors. The Project required a new online image that would accurately portray their inclusive, forward-thinking ethos.

Cathedral Archer Project

Web Design, Branding, Video & Digital Marketing Sheffield - Feature image for Cathedral Archer Project website

The resulting website is very visual, utilising strong icons and colours to ensure it is as accessible as possible to all website visitors.  User engagement and up to the minute design are crucial elements to the new website. A layered scrolling navigation effect ensures that these requirements are met.

Key features of the new website include a seasonally themed and easily updatable events calendar, that allows website visitors to find out what’s going on at CAP month by month, and read more about each activity if they wish.

There is also a live, icon-driven weather feed, that pulls in accurate, up-to-the-minute weather information for Sheffield. This highlights the key role weather has to play in your life when you’re homeless.

For anyone wishing to help the Project, there is an In Short Supply page, that lists which items CAP currently needs more of, as well as how and where to donate. It also shows alternative ways of donating in order to support the work that the Cathedral Archer Project do to help the homeless and vulnerable in Sheffield.

Visit Cathedral Archer Project's website and view it yourself.

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