Aston & Woods


Based in the vibrant heart of Central London, on Tottenham Court Road, Aston & Woods are an independent opticians that combine high-end fashion with optical expertise. They offer a range of high-end luxury branded eyewear, along with premium eye tests and ongoing eye care. Aston & Woods approached us to develop their new brand and website.

They wanted their website to promote their brand and the services they offer, targeting identified key demographics local to their store on Tottenham Court Road, as well as utilising search engine optimisation post-launch. The main objectives of the brief were to: build up strong search engine rankings, generate webpage traffic and raise enquiries through the website – with the ultimate goal of increasing sales and revenue.


We focused on in-depth keyword analysis, specifically considering individuals in Central London and what they would search for online, as these were the people most likely to visit Aston & Woods' Fitzrovia store. This was especially important, as their products are only sold in-store, not online. We needed to understand Aston & Woods' target market and what they were searching for.

On-going technical SEO: We ensured that the new Aston & Woods' website ran smoothly. We designed the webpages to be easy to navigate, developed to provide seamless interactions, regardless of the device used.

Optimised on-page SEO: We also focused on the content and meta data on the new website. We ensured that meta data for each webpage accurately informed users of each page's content, with relevant search engine titles and descriptions optimised with keywords to attract the target audience. We made sure the written content that was uploaded was also strongly keyword-based.


The SEO strategy we implemented had an immediate positive impact. Aston & Woods' online goal conversions include enquiry form submissions, phone calls and emails. These all rocketed from October to November 2018, overall seeing a rise of 214.29%.

Statistics show that, not only are the same users returning to the site, but there has also been a noticeable rise in new potential customers finding the site in a single month period, a trend which is continuing.

Our keyword strategy has brought the desired results – the organic search results show Aston & Woods are becoming increasingly visible online, with a 12.26% improvement from October to November 2018.

214.29% Increased Goal Conversions
12.26% Increased Organic Search
11.36% Increased New Users
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