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Beanz meanz Weetabix in viral Twitter campaign banner

Beanz meanz Weetabix in viral Twitter campaign

Twitter went crazy on Tuesday after Weetabix made a meal pairing suggestion that has outraged and divided internet users. The campaign went viral on Twitter with over 80 thousand retweets and over 90 thousand likes (and counting)!

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Comparison website, Which? Tweeted : 'This is not Which? recommended.'

KFC and Nando’s joined forces, with Nando’s replying: “You okay hun? DM’s are open if you need to talk”

We even saw Google join in on the trend, replying to the tweet with ‘look what you’ve done now..’ and a picture of the trending Google Search of ‘Weetabix with baked beans’

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Other brands also joined in the discussion including National Rail, Wagamama’s, Krispy Kreme and Specsavers. You can find the original tweet here.

Gareth Turner, head of Brand at Weetabix, said: "We thought it would be fun to collaborate with some other British iconic brands to see what happened. If people want to use this as inspiration for their next meal, who are we to stop them."

As we all know, Millennial humour is a bit weird – in particular the meme-based style of humour is strange, surreal, and often completely meaningless. This means that connecting with a younger audience requires more creative thinking. Twitter is a social media platform that allows brand to connect with these audiences in an easy and engaging way, compared to other platforms such as LinkedIn or Facebook.

However, with this sort of marketing it is often high risk and high reward. There is always a chance that you won’t quite hit the nail on the head. We see some brands doing viral Twitter marketing extremely well. Take the Netflix Twitter account for example, although they don’t dedicate their entire Twitter presence to jokes; their social media team has a finger on the pulse when it comes to joining in on TV- and film-based memes.

Netflix does nothing out of the ordinary when it comes to marketing; what they do is keep an eye on what their followers find funny and find ways to join in on those trends in a way that their audience will find amusing. 

If you do want to join in on the trending conversations, make sure your social media team treads carefully when it comes to jokes. Nothing is more embarrassing for a brand than an outdated, tone-deaf attempt at trendy humour. Remember – this is social media – you WILL get called out!

We have a team of marketing experts who are always up to date on the latest trends on social media. If you have any questions about your social media or your digital marketing strategy in general, feel free to get in touch with the team at Hydra through any of our social channels, FacebookTwitterInstagram or LinkedIn, or if you would like to discuss your digital marketing strategy with us then get in touch via our email [email protected].

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