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Top 5 Christmas Adverts

Since the birth of advertising, agencies have worked tirelessly to encapsulate Christmas. Whether it be sharing, togetherness, or charity, their abstract concepts are designed to make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Video Production Manager Simon Gamble has put together a list of adverts that achieved just that! Here’s a rundown of his five standout Christmas ads.

Yellow Pages Christmas Advert 1992

Yellow pages adopted a campaign of unusual uses for their product and this particular Christmas version is a memorable one from my childhood.


Coca-Cola is the epitome of corporate America. They do however own (what is considered by many) the arrival of Christmas. Another memorable one from my childhood.

John Lewis: The Bear and The Hare

The £7m Bear and Hare campaign took the Christmas advertising wars to new heights. A great concept, produced in painstaking frame by fame stop motion by the Adam & Eve DDB agency.

Spanish Lottery Christmas Advert 2015

A heart-wrenching addition to the list that many from the UK won’t have seen. A fantastic concept that perfectly sums up the Christmas spirit.

John Lewis: The Long Wait

The second in the series of ‘new era’ John Lewis Christmas ads. I remember being impressed at how this particular ad took the notion of Christmas (giving to your children) and spun it on its head.


Did we miss any? Let us know what videos give you a Christmas feeling.

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