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Harnessing Sheffield's Productivity and Digital Innovation Grants for Growth

Sheffield, and the wider South Yorkshire area, is about to see a surge in business transformation and innovation.

This is thanks to the newly available Productivity and Digital Innovation Grants. These grants, part of the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, are aimed at bolstering the productivity and digital prowess of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the area.

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Under the stewardship of Business Sheffield and with Enterprising Barnsley (Barnsley Council) as the accountable body, these grants, totalling a significant £1.75 million, are set to bolster the business landscape in Sheffield. The primary goal of this initiative is to provide much-needed financial support to businesses, ensuring they can overcome barriers to productivity and make the leap into the digital age.

Hydra Creative have provided digital transformation support to businesses in and around Sheffield since we were founded in 2009, meaning we are poised to help you take advantage of these grants to further support your business’s digital growth. Our specialisation lies in developing innovative digital strategies and solutions that enhance productivity, drive efficiency and innovation, and engage target audiences to drive revenue and growth.

What funding is available?

The Digital Innovation Grant offers SMEs the opportunity to access funding ranging from £2,500 to £5,000. This grant can cover up to 50% of a project's cost, with the remaining half to be financed by the business itself.

The Productivity Grant offers grants ranging from £2,500 to £12,499, also requiring businesses to match the grant. In this case, the project's total cost cannot exceed £125,000. Grants can be utilised for both revenue-boosting activities, such as specialised business support, and capital investments, including machinery, equipment, and premises fit-outs.

Am I eligible for the funding?

To be eligible for these grants, businesses must meet specific criteria, including SME status, a minimum 12-month establishment period for Productivity Grants over £5,000, physical business premises in Sheffield, and a commitment to funding at least half of the project cost.

Additionally, applicants must demonstrate the financial viability of their projects and the necessity of grant support.

Hydra Creative's plans to help customers utilise these grants align with our mission to assist businesses in navigating the challenges and opportunities of the digital age. The funds will enable our clients to implement more robust, innovative digital solutions, ultimately leading to increased productivity, efficiency, and growth.

How can I apply for the funding?

To take advantage of these grants, businesses should contact the Advisor team at Business Sheffield by calling 0114 224 5000 or emailing [email protected]. This dedicated team will guide applicants through the entire process, providing support, information, and insights to maximise the impact of the grant on their business.

For additional support, speak to the team at Hydra Creative and we will support you in pulling together a project outline to present to Business Sheffield. We have a proven track record of delivering digital transformation projects to improve internal processes and efficiency through bespoke software development. View examples of our work by clicking here.

With these grants now available, Sheffield's business community can look forward to a brighter, more digitally innovative future, and the team at Hydra Creative are excited to help even more local businesses to transform into efficient, productive, and forward-looking entities.

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Let's create a strong prject case together

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