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Outsourcing your software development

As a business owner, it’s hard to be good at everything. That’s why people who run successful companies understand the importance of knowing when to call in the experts.

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Why you should outsource your software development

When it comes to developing software that will support your business, without the right knowledge and experience it can be an expensive and time-consuming task. This is where outsourcing your software development could prove invaluable. Below, we’ve detailed the five reasons why you should consider outsourcing your software development to an experienced, professional and time-and-cost-efficient agency.


1. Cost-Efficiency

The average senior-level Software Developer is paid £40,000 per year, with their unique skill set warranting high salaries. By outsourcing, businesses can save hundreds of thousands of pounds per year, as by keeping things in-house you would need to employ several software developers, one or more UX designers to design your system, and a team of QA testers to ensure that the system works before launching it. Not to mention project managers to ensure that the project progresses smoothly, and an SEO team to ensure that your new website is fully optimised for launch, and that it earns great rankings quickly.


2. Regular access to talent and technology

When engaging a full service agency to help with your web development project, everything is under one roof.

Developers tend to specialise in particular areas – specific programming languages (Python, JavaScript, Ruby, etc.), platform (iOS, Android, etc.) or have a specialism in the frontend or backend. If you hire one or two in-house developers, you’re limiting yourself to the narrow scope of their individual skill sets.

Not only does a good agency have a range of developers providing all the right resources, but they can also help as your company grows. Development is an ongoing process, not a “set it and forget it” one-time solution. 

For your platform or app to remain attractive to customers, you’ll need to carry out routine maintenance and debugging procedures, release regular updates and add new features throughout its lifetime. By enlisting the help of experts, they can guide you and give recommendations on what to do next, as well as continuously improving the user experience of your platform, in order to achieve your business goals.


3. An extension of your team

When running a successful business, it is always a good idea to stick with the tasks you excel at and source trusted experts to do the rest. Freeing up management time is a common reason that our clients come to us for their bespoke software development requirements.

Building a software development team in-house is like building a company within a company; you need a range of skill sets, as well as the time to manage the project, as it can be challenging to keep track of the whole team. However, if you choose to collaborate with a company like Hydra, then there will always be a dedicated project manager who will be in regular contact to update you on how the project is going.


4. Get things done faster

Have a project with a tight deadline? By outsourcing software development services, you get immediate access to a team of skilled developers who are ready to start working on your project ASAP. You don’t need to spend time and money hiring and training new staff before your project can even begin.

We live in a world where it is crucial to innovate quickly, and being first in the market can be a critical factor for success. Rather than letting your available resources dictate the timeline of your project, you can quickly scale a remote team to move forward much faster.


5. Less risk

As a business owner, it can be daunting to invest in building a team, especially when you are unsure of many factors - such as how long the project will take, or how many developers you will need to hire, and even if they will end up being good enough to get the project finished for you.

Even by having a friendly conversation with a software development agency, you will be able to get a clearer picture of budget and timelines, as well as getting an idea of what is doable and what is not. This will allow you to get a better overview of the project and how it will unfold – taking away any uncertainty for your business.  

Outsourcing only works if you choose the right software development company to work with. The company you choose should be able to demonstrate significant expertise in their field, have a talented team to draw from, and have plenty of testimonials from satisfied clients. 

Here at Hydra, we have an expert in-house software development team, carefully curated over the past 12 years, that has many years’ design experience and is highly skilled in creating bespoke software solutions. Everything that we develop is bespoke and purpose built, meaning we are able to develop software tailored to your unique needs and requirements.

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