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Navigating Google's Latest Update

This month (March 2024), Google has rolled out another update, and it's a pretty big deal. If you've ever felt lost in the constantly changing world of digital marketing, you're not alone. We're here to break down the significant changes from Google's latest announcement and ensure you know how it could affect your business.

What's New with Google

This update is shaking up how Google looks at links and evaluates content. It's all about ensuring that your site links are genuine and that your content speaks to your audience - which you should already be doing. Google wants to serve up search results that are super relevant and high-quality, meaning the bar is set even higher for content.


How This Affects Your Business

Link Quality Over Quantity

Google's getting smarter about spotting the good links from the not-so-good links. Now, it's more about the relevance and quality of your links rather than how many you have.

How can you take action?

It is crucial to regularly review your backlink profile. This will allow you to identify links from high-authority and relevant sites within your industry and collate a list of any links that are classed as “toxic” or non-relevant to disavow. You should also focus on creating comprehensive resources and original content that will attract organic, high-quality backlinks.


Content Quality Matters More Than Ever

Google has always emphasised that helpful content is crucial, which is true; there is nothing worse than reading an article that doesn't efficiently answer your search query. But content is now getting further scrutinised to ensure it is original, deep, and actually helpful to people.

How can you take action?

To make your content more helpful and original, it's important to demonstrate expertise and original insights. Provide valuable solutions or information that can't be easily found elsewhere. Use multimedia like videos or infographics to engage your audience. Collaborate with experts and consider diverse viewpoints to enrich your content.


User Experience is key

How people interact with your site matters a lot to Google. If your site is easy to use, loads quickly, and is responsive on mobile, you're in good shape.

How can you take action?

There are plenty of sites out there that allow you to assess your website’s performance, for example - https://pagespeed.web.dev/


Proactivity is key

To give your website the best chance of ranking, it is vital that you are proactive. Ensure that you are prepared for dealing with Google updates, and most importantly, make sure you are prioritising the creation of helpful and engaging content.

As mentioned, undertaking regular reviews of your website is a helpful step in making improvements. It is easy for these reviews to get missed, so scheduling them in in advance will help ensure that your site is a place people want to visit and engage in, ultimately taking action and converting.


Why SEO Experts

Navigating Google's algorithms can feel like trying to solve a mystery without all the clues. If you've assessed your website, need help identifying issues, or are simply unsure of what to do next, get in touch with our SEO team in Sheffield. We can help ensure your business isn't just keeping up, but standing out.


Get in touch for a chat about your digital marketing strategy, and let's make this update work for you.

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