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National Apprenticeship Week Emily Barker

Apprenticeships bring a wealth of benefits to both businesses and employees right across the country. The concept of an apprentice dates all the way back to medieval craft guilds in the Middle Ages - although these days they are found in many different types of industries. They will be celebrated during National Apprenticeship Week, which runs from February 6-23, 2023.

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To mark the campaign we asked Hydra Creative’s very own apprentice, Digital Marketing Executive Emily Barker, to reveal all about her role.

Emily is 21 and completing her apprenticeship through Back2Work

By this summer she will hold a foundation degree in marketing as well as valuable hands-on experience in the industry.


Q: What does your role involve day to day?

A: A large part is focused on our social media, plus writing, working on case studies from completed work and now the management of individual projects too.

We ran a World Cup business sweepstake last year which was my first client facing project and I developed that from beginning to end.
I’m also excited to be working on an upcoming fundraising project for our charity of the year Dementia UK, more to come on this soon!


Q: How has an apprenticeship benefited you?

A: It has given me a lot more confidence. I am quite an outgoing person but at school when doing a lot of written work, it never seemed to go in. I think that was partly due to my dyslexia but here I get constant formative feedback from a team who know what they are doing and work to support you.
I can really see the progress that I’ve made thanks to all of the on-job learning from real life projects.
Now I’m able to suggest different techniques and creative ideas to input into the team.


Q: What would you say to an individual or business considering an apprenticeship?

A:  To any business I would say taking on an apprenticeship means really giving someone that first step on the ladder but you have to be able to provide the support they need.
Hiring an apprentice can also bring in a fresh pair of eyes.
I have always been the youngest person at Hydra and I think that can provide a different perspective on social media, for example, for the business’ benefit.
To budding apprentices I would say it’s completely different from studying at college because you get to apply the learning in real life, meet people along the way and be exposed to the entire process.


Q: What is your long term career goal?

A: I’d love to be a marketing manager working with big clients, thinking outside of the box to create projects that are extraordinary.


Over to Hydra’s Client Services Director, Gemma Daniels, who said Emily’s work had had a tangible impact on the business.

She added: “With Emily we have seen her really relish the role and take on more and more responsibility.

“She’s always interested, likes to learn, learns from any mistakes and takes feedback in a positive way which is great.

“In the last three months it has got to the point where we are not having to ask Emily to complete tasks - she is doing it intuitively.

“I’d say to any business, have a go with an apprentice. We were so lucky to end up with a diamond like Emily.”

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