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Meet our team - International women’s day banner

Meet our team - International women’s day

At Hydra Creative, we are committed to developing our people and creating a culture where everyone, regardless of gender or background, has the opportunity to succeed.

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The current landscape shows that our industry is still very male-dominated, with the female proportion of the IT-professional workforce still only at 16%! Moreover, women hold only 26.5% of executive, senior-level and management positions in S&P 500 companies. Finally, UCAS data shows that there is still a big gender gap in schools and universities: of those studying computer science-related degrees, only 19% of the students were female.

Luckily for us here at Hydra Creative, we have some amazing and talented women at the heart of our team, holding positions ranging from new apprentices, all the way up to company director, and everyone in between. There really is no such thing as a gender stereotype at our company!

Trying to get into the marketing industry? Why not take a look at the excellent advice shared by some of the lovely ladies we have right here at Hydra!

Gemma - Client Services Director

“How I got into the industry: A bit of a roundabout route for me - After three years at college studying illustration, I went on to complete a degree in English Literature and Language, before working in retail management for several years after moving to Sheffield. From there I moved into retail banking for five years or so, then retrained on the government postgraduate EYP programme to help improve provision in nurseries, and finally progressed into digital marketing at Hydra. That was ten years ago!”

“My best advice would be to have faith in yourself, don't be afraid to ask for help, and don't get disheartened if your career journey doesn't take you on a straight path to where you want to be. I had some crazy part time jobs in my late teens and early twenties! Every job role offers opportunities to learn and gain experience that will be valuable to you throughout your career (even if it doesn't seem like it at the time), so jump into everything with enthusiasm, and be ready to roll your sleeves up and get involved in as much as possible.”

Amy Dixon - Digital Marketing Manager

“I got into the industry by being willing to do unpaid work experience to gain knowledge, experience and critical skills. I loved the industry so much that I stayed beyond the end of my work experience and have worked my way up in the company. Six years later I manage a team of digital marketers providing SEO, PPC and other forms of digital marketing to clients.”

“My advice: Be willing to give time and effort to get into an agency, even if it means temporarily doing it unpaid. It shows you have the work ethic and patience to succeed, which is critical in the digital industry.”

Kate – Account Executive 

“As part of my International Events Management degree at Sheffield Hallam University, I had the opportunity to do a year in industry, where I secured a role at a full-service creative agency in Leeds. I also have family who work at and with creative agencies, so I had a good understanding of what the job entails and I had some great contacts to reach out to. I really enjoyed working on a variety of projects in a fast-paced environment, so once I graduated, I was keen to work in a creative agency again.” 

“My best advice for women wanting a career in a similar industry, is not to be afraid to ask questions! One of the things I love about working at Hydra is I am constantly learning, and with a vast range of clients, my knowledge of different industries and sectors is always expanding. It can be daunting trying to wrap your head around processes and work you don’t fully understand, but creative agencies are a collaborative environment and people are happy to support you by answering questions or taking the time to show you how things are done. As we are communicating technical details to clients, it’s essential for us to fully understand what we are explaining, to help the client to make sense of it.”

Christa – Multimedia Executive

“I got into the industry through a placement here at Hydra whilst studying a digital media management degree at Sheffield Hallam University. I was offered a permanent position as part of the design and marketing team, as a multimedia executive, doing both SEO and UX.”

“My advice to those looking to get into this industry, is to always be open to opportunities, and grab them with both hands – you will never believe where you could end up!”

Jana – Studio Assistant

“I am pretty new to the team here at Hydra, recently joining as a Studio Assistant. Despite my “non-creative” degree, I always knew that my job needed to be creative, otherwise I wouldn’t enjoy it! So, I decided to apply for a position at a creative agency – it was a great decision to make!”

“My best advice for anyone looking to get into the industry, would be to join a company that is passionate about the same things you are. Do a little research on them and send in a speculative(!) job application for the position you dream about, even if they don’t have any open vacancies at the moment. It always worked for me and will definitely work for you.”

Jasmine – Digital Marketing Apprentice

“I have always had an interest in all things digital, as I have grown up with the rising popularity of social media. I find marketing especially interesting as there are so many different elements to it, and you find yourself doing something different every day. I chose the apprenticeship route, as I wasn’t keen on doing A-Levels at college, and I wanted to be able to put my knowledge into practice and learn on the job.”

“My best advice would be to learn as much as you can, even outside of work or school. As marketing is a very fast-paced industry, this is crucial to keeping your knowledge up to date. There are so many free courses online that provide some great insights into all areas of marketing.”

Ruth – Senior Account Manager

“I got into this industry after completing a degree in Design Management & Innovation at De Montfort University. My first job out of university was as a Sales and Marketing Executive for a company specialising in healthcare and supplements. After that, I started at a design agency in Nottingham, and worked there for over a decade before joining Hydra.”

“My best advice – go for it. To be a great Account Manager you need to be organised and good at multi-tasking – both skills that tend to come more easily to us women folk!”

Sharon – Office Manager 

“I had an unusual route into this industry. I was made redundant six years ago after being a night supervisor at Wilko, and Ryan and Gemma kindly offered me a trial at Hydra. I now look after the office, as well as overseeing the accounts, alongside our chartered accountant.”

“I would tell other women, you are never too old to try a new career. I was 48 when I started at Hydra, and have never looked back!”

Want to find out more about our wonderful team? Visit the ‘Agency’ page on our website, or get in touch on [email protected].

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