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Measuring marketing efficiency

We recently held a digital marketing workshop dedicated to the engineering and manufacturing sector at the AMP Technology Centre.

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For manufacturers and engineers, digital marketing is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. So with our extensive client history in these fields, we designed a course that would align with the unique KPIs of these businesses.

Historically, manufacturing and engineering have relied upon print media or other outbound marketing methods, which are comparatively difficult to measure. Our goal is to support professionals discover how both older and newer marketing techniques can complement each other and work for them.

To reach new audiences and drive business growth, digital marketing is an invaluable tool. Under the guidance of an expert, and with the right analytics software, companies can make informed decisions based on the results of individual campaigns.

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The two-hour masterclass helped teach industry professionals how to understand key metrics to be able to measure their marketing efforts. To analyse vital information such as website visitors and site engagement to drive campaign decisions, and help stakeholders make the most of their budget.

The interactive workshop featured demonstrations on the tools and techniques essential for measuring marketing. There was also a Q&A session, which gave attendees the chance to ask questions around their own digital marketing efforts.

Hydra Creative’s Digital Marketing Manager, Amy Dixon said: “It was a privilege to teach a marketing masterclass to senior professionals involved in manufacturing and engineering. As the digital landscape continually evolves, we want to demonstrate that digital marketing does not have to be daunting. It’s available to everyone, offering unlimited insights and helping to acquire those all-important new leads.” 

One of our attendees, Mani, said “I’ve attended two of Hydra Creative’s seminars, more recently one on analytics. There were some great gems of information that you only get when you have a face to face meeting. Amy excels in presenting and backs this up with her expert knowledge”.

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