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Brands in Times Square

With new trends constantly emerging, many brands feel the need to ensure they stay on-trend, to keep current and engaging. Brands generally need to be instantly recognisable, whilst effectively representing the business personality and core values, to fully realise marketing aims.

To achieve continual success, brands should be prepared to adapt and transform with the times, and change to meet target market demands – the majority of company branding has seen occasional change over the years. For example, petroleum giant, Shell's, original logo was much simpler and didn't feature their distinctive yellow and red colour scheme. Modern technology has greatly advanced branding – now, bespoke, high-tech imagery can be produced much more readily than in years gone by.

A person typing high quality and valuable content on a latpop

You may have come across the term “content is king” when applied to digital marketing. If you want your business to be taken seriously online, not to mention keep up with search engine ranking updates, it’s important to produce high-value, engaging and unique content.

An online package delivery titled 'Online Shopping Made Easy'.

With the ever-increasing popularity of online shopping, it is no wonder that the high street is becoming quieter. But what is it about the online high street that makes it so appealing?

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