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A letter from our directors

We are adjusting to a new way of working.

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It has now been just over a week since the UK went into lockdown, and just over a week since the world turned upside down for so many people, businesses and families. We were hoping, a week in, that we would have managed to grasp the lay of the land a little bit, and that we would be able to start to plan a way forward, and feel a little more steady in our journey through this. The truth of the situation is that at this stage, absolutely no one knows what will happen over the coming weeks and months. No one knows what the world will look like for each of us when we finally emerge from this period of stasis, and that level of uncertainty is terrifying.

But despite the fear and the confusion over all the unknown that we are currently stumbling our way through, there is community, and kindness and hope. As a Sheffield business born and bred over the last decade, supporting others wherever we can is in our blood. And now more than ever we all need some support.

So this is just to say that we are here - to listen, to support, to commiserate and to help in any way we can. We don’t have a magic wand or a set of instructions that will get us all through this any quicker, but we are people who care about our clients, staff, suppliers and any other fellow people who are still reeling from all of this and are not knowing what to do right now.

So we are keeping on going, with daily adjustments, and looking towards the future that will definitely bring an end to all of this - which is one thing we can be sure of. I hope that brings a grain of comfort, and we are here if you want to talk.

Gemma and Ryan Daniels

Company Directors

Hydra Creative Ltd

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