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2018 has been our busiest year to date at Hydra Creative. New client wins and significant ongoing projects have meant that we have invested heavily in our team this year, to ensure that we can continue to offer high standards of customer service going forward into 2019, as the company grows.

SEO Audit

With the continuously evolving elements of web and digital, it can be difficult for businesses to find the right way forward to increase their digital impact and web presence. An effective way of identifying the initial steps you could take to advance your online identity is through a site audit. These audits provide an efficient breakdown of the key areas you need to focus on to help maximise the impact of your business online.

Video event filming

Research strongly indicates that utilising video is a highly effective way to generate interest in your company, enabling you to engage with your target audience and get a lot of information across in an entertaining and easy to digest way. However, most companies we talked to at our recent Engineering and Manufacturing digital report event expressed concerns that they don’t really know where to start when it comes to adding video into their company marketing mix.

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