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Google supports small and medium sized businesses – Ad credits banner

Google supports small and medium sized businesses – Ad credits

During this unprecedented time, businesses - especially small businesses - are finding it hard to navigate and plan effectively for the future.

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Business continuity grants, government-backed loans and other types of support have been quickly introduced to help businesses through this period. As well as this support, more and more private companies have begun introducing their own business support measures, too.

One such company is Facebook, who have been offering help with funding and payment schemes for businesses. Now Google have introduced their own programme of support for small and medium sized businesses (also referred to as SMBs).

What is Google offering?

Google have announced that they are allocating $340 million (almost £275 million) worth of funding to help SMBs across the globe to continue to advertise to their target audience online in the form of ad credits, enabling small businesses to keep their normal Ad budget going whilst money is tight. This credit will be able to be spent across the Google Network platforms, and is being awarded to small businesses who have been actively advertising online with Google since the start of 2019. These qualifying accounts will receive a notification from Google when their credit is able to be used, and the credit will be valid until the end of December 2020.

This is only a small part of a bigger picture, with Google announcing that they are giving a total of over $800 million (almost £650 million) to organisations across the globe. This will not only go to SMBs but also to health organisations, governments and workers on the frontline. Google released a full breakdown of their commitments over on their blog.

We as a Google Ads management agency will be utilising Ad credit on behalf of our clients and so, if you currently get your Ads managed by ourselves you do not need to action anything as we will be doing it for you. However, if we don’t currently manage your account and you do receive the notification for ad credit, we are happy to offer advice and management to ensure that the credit gets spent efficiently and effectively.

If you would like to discuss further, please get in touch with our Digital Marketing ManagerAmy, on 0114 250 9578.

For more information, visit these sites to read a more in-depth explanation from Google themselves:




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