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Digitising social care

They look after the most precious people in our lives, when they need it most. But care home staff and leaders shoulder a heavy burden of bureaucracy as well as the responsibility of social care.

A study by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation found that care homes have to regularly complete more than 100 items of paperwork, often with duplicate information, for each person they care for. It can mean managers spend 20% of their time just on paperwork.  And naturally, there is then less time to spend on leadership improvements that help staff provide the best care possible for our loved ones.

The mammoth process of digitising social care is underway across the country. From April 2022 there has been a national commitment to invest at least £150m in digital innovation which improves the quality and safety of care.

Here at Hydra Creative, our designers have been part of this process, by creating several bespoke digital solutions for care home providers. These have transformed the way care is provided, at every level.The tangible benefits of our solutions can include making sure that important real-time data can be captured at the point of care. They may provide integrated systems, so records can be shared easily among staff, allowing for the right care to be provided, at the right time. And these innovative solutions mean that more time is available for staff to spend interacting with the people they care for, improving resident participation and choice.


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For one UK based care home we’ve worked with, the consolidated system we have built and continually adapt helps staff run every aspect of the home. It can manage new enquiries from potential residents with ease, sending out brochures and booking in visits with a couple of clicks. Residents’ activities are also managed using the system, ensuring they are equally focused on social, physical and psychological benefits. Once events are confirmed, easy-to-read schedules are created for residents to consult.

Managers can also see the details, including costs, of all events at one glance.
Significant events, such as falls or illnesses, are also seamlessly detailed on the same system, with actions required outlined. Each of these processes would have taken many hours of paperwork in the past, but our system allows for much greater operational efficiency. It can also be continually updated to meet changing Care Quality Commission guidelines.

Hydra is proud to be at the forefront of helping to revolutionise the care industry so it is fit for the 21st century. Our team is able to work side by side with your care home staff to fully understand the individual challenges they face, and then overcome them, together. Discover more of our work within the health and social care sectors through our portfolio of work.

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