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Design Trends in 2024

Design Trends in 2024 and Your Business Should Care

Maintaining consumer engagement can be difficult when design trends are constantly changing, and tracking these shifts isn’t always simple. That’s why we at Hydra Creative, a fully integrated digital agency, have made a list of design trends for 2024 to help you transform your design strategy and boost your engagement rates.


User-Centric Designs

Putting people at the centre of your visual messaging can compel visitors online to engage with your products. User-centric designs take into account the interests, needs, and values of users and consumers. Taking the right steps to positively connect with your target audience can make a huge difference to the success of your campaign - if you ignore your consumer’s needs, this can cause issues for your brand.

Knowing what your customers like and dislike and using this awareness to influence your designs will create more opportunities for positive interactions. Achieving a trustworthy reputation can be achieved through interactive research in the form of social media posts, such as polls and comments, surveys, and reviews will draw more people to your brand through a boosted online presence and, therefore, maximise conversions.

3D animation

3D animation can be a useful tool for brands selling products and services to their online audience, as it gives ultimate flexibility in storytelling and can explain an intangible concept (such as the effects of consuming an energy drink) in a humorous and engaging way that makes it easy for the audience to understand. 

Combining 3D animation with user-centric designs can bring characters and scenarios to life, which will maximise user involvement by capturing your audience with relatable designs. It’s a creative approach to sharing your brand’s values in a deeply engaging way and will build a trusted community with new and existing consumers.

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AI-Generated Imagery

The future of AI in 2024 is an opportunity for brands to be experimental and utilise the fear and controversy of the unknown. Take Heinz as a prime example; they used AI-generated images of ketchup to show that even AI recognises Heinz and ketchup to be one and the same – this cleverly used AI capabilities as a marketing tool to draw in people with a curiosity about AI, which can be a great way to boost the effectiveness of your designs. 

If you are looking for out-of-the-box marketing campaigns, then AI design could be an effective way to create an online buzz around your brand.

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Modern Natural Designs

As our society grows more environmentally aware, it is important that your business acknowledges what your consumers are interested in, are following, and are drawn to. Modern natural designs follow a natural aesthetic popular on social platforms and utilised by companies to engage with a particular target audience.

Modern natural designs can imply that the product or brand will be good for you and the environment, as many sustainable products utilise this design aesthetic. Many companies are beginning to opt for these design choices, whether they sell sustainable products or not, due to consumers being drawn to their implied green credentials (such as companies that sell healthy juices or recycled stationery).

If your brand focuses on sustainability, then modern natural designs are a great choice for your designs. However, if your brand is not sustainably focused, there is the risk of being accused of greenwashing if your company utilises this type of design.

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Experimental Typography

More companies are using expressive typography to showcase their products on displays and billboards. The bold patterns, colours, and shapes are eye-catching and draw consumers to take notice of your message. Some of the most popular types for 2024 are chrome, 3D, and transparent typography styles. Experimental typography can be used to go beyond the expected, creating something authentic and unique to your brand. The more unique your typography choices are to your brand, the more memorable your product will become.

Learn how to create experimental typography over on our TikTok

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If this article has got you thinking about how your business can utilise design trends in your marketing in 2024, get in touch with our friendly team of graphic designers today.

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