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Content: The Value Of Strategy

You may have come across the term “content is king” when applied to digital marketing. If you want your business to be taken seriously online, not to mention keep up with search engine ranking updates, it’s important to produce high-value, engaging and unique content.

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What counts as content?
Sometimes confused with “copyrighting”, the term “copywriting” refers to promotional, persuasive written content. Copywriting is not always a hard sell – it can be as simple as a product description or a homepage outlining your products and services. A well-written piece of copywriting will inform and persuade the reader, while incorporating relevant keywords.

Not all content is designed to sell however; some may be to engage and inform your users. You might consider posting a news update on your blog, for example, or making an infographic (a graphic design with pictures, words and statistics) to showcase your industry knowledge.



Why you need regular content
It’s one thing to create a beautiful website that accurately describes your services. It’s another to keep this fresh: if you want your brand name to continue being recognised, not to mention ranked in search engines, you should update content regularly.

Establishing your industry expertise
Producing valuable content that’s relevant to your industry will demonstrate your knowledge to prospective customers. This can be anything from how-to guides to opinion pieces on topical subjects. For example, manufacturers might consider an expert blog on how Brexit will affect the industry.

Get started with a strategy
If you’re not sure where to start, consider a content marketing strategy that factors in seasonal trends, product updates and allowances for topical, time-sensitive content. You should plan your content schedule with your social media profiles, for example, using scheduling tools and deciding which mediums work best for the content. (Articles work well for LinkedIn, whereas infographics are great for Instagram, for example.)

There’s nothing like valuable, unique and well-written content to keep the search engines happy. Better still, it will also work wonders with your customers.

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