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Transform Your Business with Content

Content Ideas to Transform Your Manufacturing Business

Brand awareness and a consistent online presence are important for maintaining engagement and developing customer relationships. To achieve this, it is crucial to create a thorough content strategy.

The pressure to maintain visibility can be overwhelming, especially within the manufacturing industry, which has been slower to adopt digital marketing strategies than other industries. However, avoiding having an online presence is no longer viable; doing so can cause a loss of valuable opportunities and potential revenue.

To help get your content plan well underway, we have compiled a range of content ideas perfectly suited to the manufacturing industry.

Video For Manufacturing

From explainer to promotional videos, showcasing your company, services, and products by utilising engaging and personable videos is an efficient approach to increasing your brand awareness. Videos offer a creative and efficient way to communicate your technical capabilities and brand values.

Choosing the best-suited video style is critical to ensure your branding remains consistent and is at the forefront of customers' minds.

If you aren’t sure which video style is best suited to your project, our in-house team of videographers can work with you to decide on the best possible style for your business.

So, what video style options can Hydra Creative offer you, and how can we help you achieve your desired results?


Explainer videos

Explainer videos provide the opportunity to talk more in-depth on specific topics. The purpose of them is in the name – to explain. Manufacturing processes can be complex, so whether you are filming to give your customers an insight into your products or are training new employees on how the workplace operates, an explainer video can break down these processes into a more digestible format.

In terms of design, this could be animated or live footage –a decision Hydra can help you make. The use of animation can be easier to follow and provides the opportunity for your brand to maintain privacy with internal processes.

Providing your customers with an easy way to engage with your business and absorb information means they are far more likely to approach you for future services.


Promotional videos

Promotional videos are typically visually focused and incorporate story-telling techniques to connect with your audience and increase customer engagement. These can be used to present a product in its best form, portraying it in a visually compelling manner, to promote and engage with consumers effectively.

Each shot matters with a promotional video; you can quickly lose your audience’s attention, so striking shots are essential for maintaining engagement.

Our videographers have experience filming for countless companies in various sectors, so working with Hydra allows you to benefit from this expertise and ensure that each shot effectively promotes your business and products.


Testimonial videos

Reliability and trust between consumers and businesses are critical for upholding brand image and establishing a long-term relationship with customers.

A testimonial video gives you the opportunity to share how your existing partners view your organisation and allows people to get a greater insight into your brand. Humanising your business can improve consumer connections and, therefore, traffic and conversions to your website. It also provides social proof, putting prospective customers’ mind at ease, and helping them to understand what they can expect from your business and its products or services.

We can collaborate with you to present a friendly and professional image to your consumers and explore the key functions of your business that set you apart from competitors.


Blog Posts

If you are looking for an in-depth method to talk about product launches, manufacturing industry updates, or consumer concerns, utilising blog posts can be an effective way to achieve this. Blog posts provide an opportunity to educate your consumers on your brand values, common pain points and their solutions, the latest technological advancements and processes such as 3D printing or robotics.

Blog posts allow you to build rapport with your consumers and contribute to a positive brand image. They can also be utilised to share other valuable content, such as videos.

Articles are an efficient way to boost your online presence, which can be further strengthened with SEO. Our expert marketers can not only write blog posts but are experienced in optimising this content so it ranks higher on search engines and reaches the correct audience.


Email Marketing

When planning your content, you must consider your target consumers and understand that not all your current and target customers will have the time or desire to read blog posts.

Newsletters can help to summarise your content and share exclusive and important company content with customers. This content could include details of upcoming trade shows, testimonials, and product spotlights. Dropping emails into someone’s inbox is a great way to reach them directly, provided they have opted in to received them. However, be wary of the frequency of your email communications and make sure they remain relevant to your audience.


Social media

The marketing industry has increasingly embraced social media as a powerful tool for promoting products and services and engaging with customers. Its global popularity and interactive content features enable businesses to effectively showcase their services and introduce their teams.

Social media is a cost-effective, fun, and interactive way to communicate with your consumers and gain recognition within your industry. It’s also an effective way of researching competitors and tracking updates within the manufacturing industry to improve your content and business strategy. You must use the right social platforms to market your brand; otherwise, your content may not be recognised as intended.

Our digital marketing team can help you create engaging content for the most suitable platform; all you have to do is get in touch.

We are a fully integrated digital agency specialising in digital marketing, design, development, and videography. We believe strongly in collaboration – we will work with you to build a content strategy that aligns with your business goals and objectives.

Call our friendly expert marketers at 01142 509 578 or email [email protected] for more information today.

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