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Business Branding: Where to start

So, it’s time to start thinking about your business branding?

Do you remember the first time you heard of Starbucks? The chances are, probably not. But when you see the coffee giant’s distinctive green brand on a sign in any high street around the world, the recognition is instant. When it comes to creating your business branding, you need to consider what will make you stand out from the crowd and appeal to potential customers instead of competitors. Come with us as we consider what elements contribute to a strong brand, brand evolution and where to get started.

What makes a good brand design?

Branding is the process of giving your organisation, its products and services meaning in the minds of your customers.

It is a strategy used to help people quickly identify attributes associated with your brand, such as value, quality, and standard of customer service.

To build a compelling brand for your business, sufficient time and resources should be invested in branding.
Some of the most important things to consider when getting started are:

Authentic - To engage with brands, consumers expect them to communicate their vision, mission, and core values accurately and authentically.
Showing customers and clients the true purpose and passion behind a business can differentiate you from competitors.
We are all human beings, and being real by injecting some personality into your social media, for instance, is a good way to showcase the people behind the business. 

Reaches the desired audience - An essential factor of any business is reaching the relevant audience; so targeting the look and feel of your demographic is key.
For example, children's toy brands are often colourful and eye-catching, perfect for younger generations. They are designed specifically to gauge the reaction of this age group.

Distinctive - Be distinctive so your brand name captures and keeps your audience's attention. Be bold, be brave and be unique! This is not a time to blend into the background.

But what is branding exactly? Branding is the process of giving your organisation and its products and services meaning in the minds of your customers. It's a strategy used to help people quickly identify attributes associated with your brand, such as value, quality, and standard of customer service, amongst many others. 


Branding Evolution 

Often businesses evolve in their branding over time as market conditions change, technology advances, and consumer demands change.
A company may undergo a complete rebranding, redefining its core values, and reworking its logo, tagline, or tone of voice. However some companies simply adjust aspects of their branding to reflect their growth.

Let’s look at Starbucks again. Many different versions of this brand’s logo have been since the original was launched in 1971.

Source: https://creative.starbucks.com/logos/

 large supporting image

Now, the most recent version of the brand features a global level of familiarity and now does not need to feature the brand name to be recognised. Customers instantly know there is a Starbucks, and what to expect.

In general, it is recommended rebranding should occur once every 7-10 years for most businesses. The goal of rebranding is to elevate your visual identity.
That can be achieved through the redesign of your logo, the redesign of your website, or the switching of your brand colours.
Changing the look and feel of your brand periodically will ensure you stay ahead of your competitors.


Brand Reputation

A brand's reputation is how customers, employees, partners, and others perceive the company. As the brand's reputation improves, consumers will become more trusting and advocate for it, or recommend it, to others. 

Reputations are built through several different platforms.

  • Environment (storefront or office)
  • Print collateral, signage, packaging
  • Website & online advertising
  • Content publishing
  • Sales and customer service
  • Internal (with employees)

The user's perception can be shaped by experiences and factors which are external to their experience. That’s why businesses often implement branding strategies throughout a customer's journey. People's perception of a brand can be influenced by things like the internal employee policies and the reputation of the company's partners. It's also possible for consumers to be affected by the buying behaviour of their friends, family, and other influential people. A brand's reputation can evolve, both on an individual and societal level. Because of this, it's essential for companies to closely monitor and manage it.


Brand Sustainability

In recent years, customers and consumers have become more conscious of the products they use and their environmental impact. Consequently, small sustainable businesses can be more attractive than bigger brands. And on the flipside, big brands are now compelled to adhere to sustainability standards.

The beauty and skincare industries, for example, have been making conscious efforts to create cruelty-free products. Vegetarianism and veganism have also become more popular, consequently impacting the food industry to adopt certain ways and promote sustainable eating habits. Another huge brand which has adapted to meet sustainability expectations over the years is McDonald’s. They now have vegan meal options, plus sustainable packaging and toy materials in their kids’ meals. They have also pledged to have net-zero emissions at all of their fast food restaurants by 2030. That’s quite the change from a chain which was known for its meat-based Big Mac burgers and supplied plastic toys in its Happy Meals during the 1990s. This is an example of a company which recognises society is changing, and is changing its brand with it.


Is it time for a Rebrand?

The thought of updating your business branding can be overwhelming. But if you are not getting the engagement your brand deserves, it’s time for a change. Your products and services can be given a new lease of life by updating the look of your company's digital and external appearances.

We would always recommend getting a professional opinion when it comes to big changes to your business. Our team specialise in creating bespoke digital solutions - no matter the challenges you face. 
Make sure you are on the track to success by contacting us and together we can get the ball rolling on your rebrand.

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