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The saying goes, 2 heads are better than 1 so think of what can be achieved when you utilise a full team of professional to

Drive Your Leisure & Fitness Company Forward...

When we put our heads together,
we're hydra...

We use technology to solve your problems in the most suitable way for the task - this could be utilising a new
booking system to make it easier to attend fitness classes, interactive video to explain how to use the latest gym
equipment, or something completely new - nothing is off the table


Try us with a problem- We love a challenge

Don't just take our word for it, here
are some recent examples...

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Places Gym

Creating a tailored advertising campaign for a national leisure chain.
Places Gym worked with our team to create graphics for several brand advertising campaigns. Campaigns were created to promote open-day events and special offers with different messages and target audiences

To succeed in the advertising campaign, we:
➖ Created a brand colour palette and unique brand elements
➖ Tailored graphics to target audiences and different gym locations
➖ Designed a consistent theme across emails, flyers, social media posts and on-site graphics

✔️ On-site graphics in four gyms as seen by thousands of gym users
✔️ Successful targeted engagement on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & Youtube
✔️ Engagement, awareness and, subsequently, website traffic

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Sheffield FC

SEO and Digital PR campaign for the World's First Football Club
Sheffield FC, the world's oldest football club, contacted our expert SEO team to boost rankings and boost online exposure for their newly redesigned website

The new seo strategy included:
➖ Enhancing the indexability of the new website
➖ Increasing the domain authority
➖ Gaining high-quality backlinks

✔️ A 56.5% increase in new users
42.3% increase in page views

✔️ An increase by 4,000 in new memberships

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Wicker Camp supporting icon

Wicker Camp

Creation of a documentary video
Our expert video production team were approached by wicker camp to create a promotional video

To successfully capture the spirit of Wicker Camp, we:
➖ completed multiple interviews with gym trainers and the greater Muay Thai community
➖ Set the scene, provided the equipment and directed all footage
➖ Helped launch the video on high-profile websites and social media

✔️ 17000+ views on Vimeo 
✔️ 20000+ views on Youtube 
✔️ Increased awareness and traffic to the website

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Sheffield Hatters supporting icon

Sheffield Hatters

Brand Creation and Website Design and Development
Established in 1961, the Hatters have been a thriving volunteer-led basketball team, and continue to be the go-to place for women of all ages to play elite basketball in South Yorkshire.

To boost the Hatters’ online presence, we:
➖ Created the club’s special 60th anniversary logo
➖ Redesigned and redeveloped their website
➖ Designed a consistent theme across emails, flyers, social media posts and on-site graphics

✔️ International award-winning website (Hermes Creative Award)
✔️ Created a well-recognised Brand Identity 
✔️ Increased number of donors & donations received 

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Ringside World supporting icon

Ringside World

Bespoke E-Commerce website with booking and seating plan system
We were approached by Ringside World, a leading UK provider of wrestling and MMA tickets, to develop a simple, easy-to-use cms for their eCommerce website

To achieve the project objectives, we:
➖ Created an ecommerce function on the website
➖ Implemented a secure log in function for promoters to log in, upload and manage events
➖ Offered help and guidance to apply for and win funding from the SME introduce digital innovation grant scheme

✔️ Over 3,000 events listed
✔️ Over 70,000 tickets sold
✔️ Over 400 promoters using the site

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"Hydra Creative are great to work with, they have excellent ideas which are backed up with great content, videos and emails. The staff I have worked with are very friendly, helpful and are communicative. They are very quick at getting tasks done, at a high quality. Thank you! " - Hannah Shelley , Places Gym

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Trusted Agency

As an international award-winning agency with over a decade of experience, we specialise in working together with our clients to provide top-quality results.

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Gain high-quality leads

From Design and Branding to Video Production and Animation, to software and Digital Marketing, we'll work with you to create content that wows your audience.

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Expert Implementation

We have a team of hand-picked in-house experts capable of handling any project. It is our goal to help you meet your goals or solve your problems, even if it means suggesting a service we don't personally provide.

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Unique Creativity

In our work, we're always trying new approaches, and no two jobs are the same. By combining our experience and expertise with latest best practices and new ideas, we bring the best, every time.

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