William Cook wanted to improve brand awareness, enhance engagement, and increase relevant traffic to their website as an ongoing concern, and so they came to us to put an SEO plan in place, and to implement it for them.

Our initial website audit showed that there were a high number of pages without meta-data (the title and description displayed in search engine results). Although this does not directly affect the page ranking, by being vague, or not there at all, it can influence the user’s decision as to whether or not they click through the search engine result to get onto the website.

Search Results


We ensured that each page of the website was fully optimised, to include relevant meta-data, page titles and content. Once completed, these tasks enabled search engines to crawl the website with ease, which enhanced the search engine rankings and visibility of the website.

To improve domain authority and search engine rankings, we identified and removed any bad external links. This is crucial to improving domain authority, as bad backlinks can be viewed by Google and the other search engines as blackhat SEO, impacting negatively on how the search engines viewed and ranked the site. We then focused on creating good quality, relevant, external links to help improve page rank.



For organic search traffic, there has been a 113.54% increase from May 2021 compared to May 2020.

The Bounce Rate has improved by 25.89% as of May 2021 compared to May 2020, which is a key finding when the number of users has increased by 181.50% in this same time period.

Users are spending longer on the site viewing various pages, which we had highlighted as a key objective for the SEO campaign, as the longer a user browses a website, the more they will engage with the brand and the messages portrayed.