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Five reasons why printed brochures are still important banner

Five reasons why printed brochures are still important

In marketing, a brochure is much more than just 'an informative paper document' – it is a highly effective, visual, easily distributed marketing tool.

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Even with the heightening competition from the internet, the trusty brochure still remains popular. We are going to explore in this article why brochures are still used by businesses around the world, and how you can utilise them as part of your business's marketing mix.

1. Versatile

When creating a brochure, the versatility factor is one of the greatest appeals, from the content (images, text, branding), to the design (material, style, layout, colours). You can have fun with them, tailoring them to match your business's personality. Their main purpose is to clearly convey what your business can do for potential clients. As long as this is achieved, the rest is up to you. Brochures provide an opportunity to get creative. 

2. Interaction

Brochures are tangible - they can be picked up, kept or passed on. Whilst billions of people have succumbed to the digital age, there are still many people that favour having good, old-fashioned physical materials over anything displayed on a screen. If your brochure is given out by hand, a more personal connection is made with potential customers, as they are interacting with someone who they could professionally liaise with in the future. You and your team represent your business, as should your brochure.

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3. Cost-effective

Once you have your well-designed, on-brand format, you can use your brochure template repeatedly, tweaking it over time to ensure all the information is current. Or, if the information doesn't need updating, you can continue to use the same brochure for several years. If expertly executed, brochures can bring in a high return on investment, through raising awareness amongst your target audience.


4. Easily distributed

There are various ways for your brochure to reach your target market – brochures can be posted, handed out or left on display for people to take freely. Whilst brochures are primarily print-outs, the digital version can also be emailed to prospective clients, maximising value. Brochures are a great tool for exhibitions or industry events, as they act as a tangible reminder of your products and services to all those who take a copy away with them.

5. Branding

Brochures provide your business with a highly-visual tool that you can take advantage of when it comes to branding. You can incorporate your brand colours, logo and personality. Effectively, successfully incorporating your branding into your brochure makes your business more memorable. All in all, brochures are digestible, timeless materials that can be an effective marketing tool – with all the right information, combined with your branding, in a seamless design, brochures are an investment your business can use time and time again.

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