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5 questions to ask yourself

Are you ready to work with an agency? 5 questions to ask yourself

Whether you work with a digital marketing agency or web design agency, doing so can provide you and your business with the necessary resources to expand and grow in your sector. Despite the benefits of working with a specialist digital agency, this can often feel like a big step and isn’t a decision to be taken lightly.

Here are our top questions to ask yourself before working with a digital agency.


1.  What are we hoping to gain from working with a digital agency?

Having a clear set of goals you’d like to achieve when working with a digital agency can be helpful for both parties. It helps ensure your project stays on track and achieves the desired outcome. This also allows an agency to gauge where to add value, further improving your project’s performance.


2.  Is our budget realistic?

A realistic budget is extremely important, as working with a digital agency is an investment. Working with an agency should inevitably result in financial gain for your business, but it will likely take time before you benefit from this. As a result, you must assess the financial viability of working with a digital agency and choose one that has favourable payment terms that work for your business.  

You must also share your budget with the agency so they can effectively communicate what support they can provide you with while making recommendations. 


3.  How will we measure success?

Having a clear goal will help you (and your digital agency) measure the success of your project against a scale that matters to you. This could include increased website conversions, boosted social media engagement, or higher Google rankings.

Ensuring that this measure of success directly corresponds to your overarching business goals is essential. For example, website conversions would be a good measure of success if you want to increase sales.


4.  Is our timeframe realistic?

Much like your budget, your timeframe must be suitable for your project. It should give the agency time to understand your business and goals and allow room for collaboration. Be upfront about your deadlines when you engage in initial conversations with digital agencies.


5.  What are we looking for in a digital agency?

It’s imperative that you choose a digital agency with experience in similar projects or industries, who is approachable, will treat you with respect, and fully understands your business’ needs. This will help ensure that your professional relationship is a positive one, resulting in the success of your project.


Working with a digital agency can be daunting, but finding a team of helpful specialists who understand your business and your needs can help to ensure your project is as stress-free as possible whilst providing you with the best outcome.

Here at Hydra, we pride ourselves on our friendly and approachable team of industry experts who strive to provide your business with the best. Our process includes discovery meetings, which allow us to gain invaluable insight into your business and needs, ensuring we can meet your expectations throughout your time working with us.


Contact our friendly team of experts today to find out how we can help your business reach its full potential.

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