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Searching for a more impactful way for potential customers to find out about your service, other than through personal recommendation? A testimonial or case study video is the next best thing, allowing your viewers to watch and listen to exactly what your satisfied customers have to say, building audience trust and engagement.

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Informative content

Adding another dimension to what was once the traditional written testimonial makes for informative content for your website that can also help to boost your search engine rankings.

We can help you to build a strong portfolio of effective client testimonials that convince prospects and convert viewers more effectively than a few faceless written words of praise. They are also extremely easy to share and promote - you can even put one into your email signature!

Product Reviews with Impact

Do you have a new product? Send samples to your loyal customers and we can help you, through video production, to present their positive feedback which can then be used as an effective marketing tool. Word of mouth marketing is the strongest form of promotion, and having a video of your client with your product in-hand, increases brand recognition and product awareness, as well as trust. It also helps to generate interest and product demand.

Bring case studies to life

A case study video is a great way to demonstrate what your business does for its clients in an engaging and visual way.

This gives potential clients the opportunity to understand exactly how the services you offer could benefit them. It is also an excellent addition to your marketing collateral. Promotion for you and your client makes it a win-win business marketing solution!

Still unsure about using video?

Contact us to discuss how to best use testimonials as social media content, and, most importantly, how to add an informative and engaging dimension to your digital presence.  This will help gain followers, and support your business to interact with the online community.

Still unsure about using video? Contact us to find out more here.

Testimonial Video

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