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What better way for potential customers to find out about your service than through real life feedback?

Traditional written testimonials can be brought to life and create effective content for your website that can also help boost your rankings in Google search terms. At Hydra Creative, we can help you build a portfolio of client testimonials that shine a spotlight on your business from the people who know you best.

A product review with impact

Do you have a new product? Send a sample to your loyal customers and we can help you create a video with their feedback. Word of mouth marketing is the strongest form of promotion and having a video of your client, with your product in hand talking to their friends and contacts encourages brand recognition.

A case study that proves you can help

A case study video is a great way to visualise what your business does for its clients and it’s an excellent sales piece for your marketing collateral. Promotion for you and your client – it’s a win-win!

Why not speak to us about using your testimonials for social media content to gain more followers and interactions with the online community?

Still unsure about using video?

Click here to find out why video marketing is good for your business.

If you want to know more about how to use video in your business – get in touch and start your video journey.

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