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Documentaries are films that lend themselves to telling a factual story of a person, place or subject. They are informative, yet deemed entertaining due to the cinematic-style video production process. This form of video is also an effective way of communicating complex stories, and difficult or sensitive subjects. Documentaries can be several hours long, or just a few minutes, depending on the subject matter and intended audience

Uncover stories with documentaries

Your company can utilise documentaries to uncover stories within your own organisation - whether that be an inspiring member of staff, a charity fundraising journey, or the lead up to establishing a new brand or product release. You may want a documentary that goes into the history of your company, covering key milestones in detail to create a theatrical length video production. Our team can ensure throughout its duration that the documentary is interesting, engaging and ultimately promotes your company in a positive light.

Communicate effectively

Alternatively, if you are looking for a quick yet factual video that can be entertaining, uplifting, emotional or humorous, our team can produce a narrative form that takes your audience on a journey with the video subject.

A steady, first-person narrative creates an atmosphere for your viewers that makes it feel like you are addressing them directly, increasing awareness of the information you are highlighting. Our expert video production team ensure that the narrative is well suited to your chosen subject, helping to communicate information in the best way possible.

An effective solution

Having worked with a vast range of industries, our team have the knowledge and independent research skills to support your documentary’s production. With regular face to face meetings to establish your needs and requirements, our team will seamlessly interweave content and graphics to ensure that you are completely happy with your final documentary video.

Take a look at our documentary examples. Want to find out more? Contact us to discuss how a documentary video could help your business or cause.

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