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There’s no doubt about it. There will be casualties. Google’s indexing changes are going to massively impact the many organisations that will not have prepared properly for the coming new era in search engine optimisation (SEO).

The first game-changer comes into play in March with the final rollout of Google’s Mobile-First Index. Not one for the faint-hearted, but a critical moment for every website owner as some will end up being relegated from page one.

The headline news is that desktop-only websites will be completely dropped from Google’s index – as well as any images and assets that are in a desktop version of websites. Axed from page rankings altogether. It sounds like a drastic measure, but Google is not moving the goalposts without reason and has been talking about these changes for a long time.

This means that you must make sure that all the content on the mobile version of your website accurately represents the content you want to be found for. Gone are the days of mobile versions of sites being an afterthought.

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To do this:

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The second big play is Google’s page experience update, rumoured for final roll out at some point in the spring. This update is often known by its more techie title, web core vitals, which is perhaps why you haven’t heard of it.

We’re already in extra time with this one as Google delayed the launch last year in order to give businesses more time to prepare. The Page Experience update is going to be looking at the user experience on a website. The core update will specifically look at loading time, interactivity and visual stability on a webpage.

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To make the grade you must:

  • Ensure each area of the website that you want the user to engage with - such as forms - are reliable and quick to use
  • Optimise page loading speed
  • Make sure your website is visually stable

These changes may seem some way off, but the strongest teams make the best preparations. Get your website analysed and make necessary changes as soon as possible, otherwise, your team will be heading for an early bath...

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It is absolutely vital to comply with these changes, to ensure you can confidently compete with the competition for online visibility.

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