What's in it for you?

As well as helping you get in the competitive spirit ready for the Euros, we’ve also got a bumper package of prizes on offer…

At Hydra Creative, we are big advocates of corporate responsibility, so for the winner of the tournament, we will be donating £500 to a charity of the winner’s choosing.

It doesn’t stop there, though! Our generous friends over at Sheffield FC will be offering a free 1857 sponsorship package for the upcoming 2021/22 season. This incredible package includes – Package Information

We will also be offering a prize to the company who guesses closest to the total number of goals scored in the tournament (if there is a tie-break, the company that signed up earlier will take the win). For this prize, Sheffield FC is offering one of their 1857 Heritage Gift Packs. This taste of Sheffield heritage includes a Copa Sheffield F.C. jersey, as well as a Copa Sheffield F.C. Commemorative Ball!

You won’t walk away empty handed…

Hydra Creative will be offering each business that enters a free in-depth SEO audit and a website review worth a total of £1300!

All entries will also receive an exclusive discount on the Sheffield FC 1857 advertising package, which will be discounted to £1500 from £1857!

Tournament Goal Predictions

Kaizen IT Solutions Ltd100
Friends Capital102
The Industrial Design Company106
Signs Express Sheffield110
Bradfield Brewery113
The Common Room115
Dimple Designed116
KCM Waste Management117
Places Gym120
Andy Hanselman Consulting121
The Wildcard Bar and Grill122
Creative Frontiers124
M&T Haylage124
AS Music School126
Cyberselves Universal Ltd126
Sheffix Ltd126
Sheffield Eagles127
The ONTO Group138
Little Messys190


Tournament Goals So Far: 139

Bracket Graphic


Sunday, 11th July

AS Music School / Italy 1-1 The Wildcard Bar and Grill / England - Italy won 3-2 on penalties. 


Tuesday, 6th July

Sheffield Eagles / Spain 1-1 AS Music School / Italy - Italy win 4-2 on penalties.




Wednesday, 7th July

Kaizen IT Solutions Ltd / Denmark 1-2 The Wildcard Bar and Grill / England




Friday, 2nd July

Cyberselves / Switzerland 1-1 Sheffield Eagles / Spain - Spain win 3-1 on penalties

Friends Capital / Belgium 1-2 AS Music School / Italy




Saturday, 3rd July

Portobello-RMF / Czech Republic 1-2 Kaizen IT Solutions Ltd / Denmark

M&T Haylage / Ukraine 0-4 The Wildcard Bar and Grill / England



Round of 16

Saturday, 26th June

Expo-People / Wales 0-4 Kaizen IT Solutions Ltd / Denmark

AS Music School / Italy 2-1 The Common Room / Austria

Sunday, 27th June

Sheffix Ltd / Netherlands 0-2 Portobello-RMF / Czech Republic

Friends Capital / Belgium 1-0 Places Gym / Portugal


Monday, 28th June

RoofCo / Croatia 3-5 Sheffield Eagles / Spain

The ONTO Group / France 3-3 Cyberselves / Switzerland - Switzerland win 5-4 on penalties.

Tuesday, 29th June

The Wildcard Bar and Grill / England 2-0 KCM Waste Management / Germany

Dimple Designed / Sweden 1-2 M&T Haylage / Ukraine

Group A

AS Music School / Italy39
Expo-People / Wales34
Cyberselves / Switzerland34
Armeg Ltd / Turkey30

Fixtures / Results

Friday, June 11th

Armeg Ltd / Turkey 0-3 AS Music School / Italy

Saturday June 12th

Expo-People / Wales 1-1 Cyberselves / Switzerland

Wednesday, June 16th

Armeg Ltd / Turkey 0-2 Expo-People / Wales

AS Music School / Italy 3-0 Cyberselves / Switzerland

Sunday, June 20th

AS Music School / Italy 1-0 Expo-People / Wales

Cyberselves / Switzerland 3-1 Armeg Ltd / Turkey

Group B

Friends Capital / Belgium36
Kaizen IT Solutions Ltd / Denmark33
Nutri Fast / Finland33
Andy Hanselman Consulting / Russia33

Fixtures / Results

Saturday, June 12th

Kaizen IT Solutions Ltd / Denmark 0-1 Nutri Fast / Finland

Friends Capital  / Belgium 3-0 Andy Hanselman Consulting / Russia

Wednesday, June 16th

Nutri Fast / Finland 0-1 Andy Hanselman Consulting / Russia

Thursday, June 17th

Kaizen IT Solutions Ltd / Denmark 1-2 Friends Capital  / Belgium

Monday, June 21st

Andy Hanselman Consulting / Russia 1-4 Kaizen IT Solutions Ltd / Denmark

Nutri Fast / Finland 0-2 Friends Capital  / Belgium

Group C

Sheffix Ltd / Netherlands39
The Common Room / Austria36
M&T Haylage / Ukraine33
Bradfield Brewery / North Macedonia30

Fixtures / Results

Sunday, June 13th

The Common Room / Austria 3-1 Bradfield Brewery / North Macedonia

Sheffix Ltd / Netherlands 3-2 M&T Haylage  / Ukraine

Thursday, June 17th

M&T Haylage  / Ukraine 2-1 Bradfield Brewery / North Macedonia

Sheffix Ltd / Netherlands 2-0 The Common Room / Austria

Monday, June 21st

Bradfield Brewery / North Macedonia 0-3 Sheffix Ltd / Netherlands

M&T Haylage  / Ukraine 0-1 The Common Room / Austria

Group D

The Wildcard Bar and Grill / England37
RoofCo / Croatia34
Portobello-RMF / Czech Republic34
Creative Frontiers / Scotland31

Fixtures / Results

Sunday, June 13th

The Wildcard Bar and Grill / England 1-0 RoofCo / Croatia

Monday, June 14th

Creative Frontiers / Scotland 0-2 Portobello-RMF / Czech Republic

Friday, June 18th

RoofCo / Croatia 1-1 Portobello-RMF / Czech Republic

The Wildcard Bar and Grill / England 0-0 Creative Frontiers / Scotland

Tuesday, June 22nd

Portobello-RMF / Czech Republic 0-1 The Wildcard Bar and Grill / England

RoofCo / Croatia 3-1 Creative Frontiers / Scotland

Group E

Dimple Designed / Sweden37
Sheffield Eagles / Spain35
The Industrial Design Company / Slovakia33
Little Messys / Poland31

Fixtures / Results

Monday, June 14th

Little Messys / Poland 1-2 The Industrial Design Company  / Slovakia

Sheffield Eagles / Spain 0-0 Dimple Designed / Sweden

Friday, June 18th

Dimple Designed / Sweden 1-0 The Industrial Design Company / Slovakia

Saturday, June 19th

Sheffield Eagles / Spain 1-1 Little Messys / Poland

Wednesday, June 23rd

The Industrial Design Company / Slovakia 0-5 Sheffield Eagles / Spain

Dimple Designed / Sweden 3-2 Little Messys / Poland

Group F

The ONTO Group / France35
KCM Waste Management / Germany34
Places Gym / Portugal34
Signs Express Sheffield / Hungary32

Fixtures / Results

Tuesday, June 15th

Signs Express Sheffield / Hungary 0-3 Places Gym / Portugal

The ONTO Group / France 1-0 KCM Waste Management / Germany

Saturday, June 19th

Signs Express Sheffield / Hungary 1-1 The ONTO Group / France

Places Gym / Portugal 2-4 KCM Waste Management / Germany

Wednesday, June 23rd

KCM Waste Management / Germany 2-2 Signs Express Sheffield / Hungary

Places Gym / Portugal 2-2 The ONTO Group / France

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