Pro Healthcare CPD
Brand Development

The Brief

Our brief was to develop a brand that was easily adaptable, and expandable in the future as Pro Healthcare CPD planned to expand into other sectors. They wanted their brand to be instantly recognisable, and represent the overall company image and key message.

We began researching other CPD providers in the UK and how they portrayed their brands, as well as conducting target audience research to understand which colours would be most appropriate for use in the healthcare sector.

As the existing logo was considered clichéd, we needed to come up with something that was creative and could easily be adapted for the other sectors in which ProHealthcare provided CPD. We sketched ideas, and worked closely with the client to produce several rounds of designs that helped move us closer to the perfect solution.

Brand Development
Brand Development

The Design

The final logo design is clean, reflecting the clinical side of healthcare as a whole. The minimalistic look not only makes the brand easily adaptable for future expansions of additional sub areas, but also creates a timeless feel to future proof the brand identity. Each of the sub areas use a different colour, not only to differentiate each brand, but also to reflect the individual identity of each sector.

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