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The tech industry is one of the fastest growing sectors, with jobs in web development forecast to grow by 15% between now and 2026. This increase is significantly more than any other sector, making it one of the best times for aspiring web developers to really thrive in the workforce.

Whether you are considering a career change, or just starting out on this exciting road into web development, there are a couple of places to look for the best start into your new career in tech.


• There are a couple of fun tools to use that give a great introduction to coding. One of the most popular code gamification apps has been developed by Google, an app called Grasshopper. The app is a fun and quick series of lessons set out as games. By completing these games, the player develops a basic understanding of Javascript. Take a look here:

• Having a University degree is not a requirement to become a developer. Although it can be an entry route into the industry, the internet is also an incredible resource that is full of online courses and tips that provides a great starting point. A couple of useful online courses that offer an introduction to web development are offered by Cousera, Udacity, Lynda, and Alison.

• Many tech Q & A websites provide a wealth of information and can be invaluable to you when starting out, or even when you're a fully fledged developer! A favourite of ours is Stack Overflow.

• An important part of being a web developer is having good attention to detail, the patience and the enthusiasm to learn. The nature of the industry is that it's constantly changing with new languages and challenges, making immersion the most effective way to learn. Starting a side project is one of the best ways to practice the skills you will need, or approaching a digital agency to take you on as an apprentice or intern. By experimenting, you can decide whether you prefer working on the front-end or the back-end of a website; knowledge that you can then develop into an area of expertise.


Web development is a specialised sector that is constantly changing, making it an exciting environment to work in, but this also means that web developers need to be proactive in learning new techniques and programming languages.


Our web development team all enjoy different elements of coding...


'The most exciting part of the development is creating something from scratch that everyone can view and use. I am constantly widening my knowledge, problem-solving, and the kick you get out of it when something finally works can't be matched.'


'The best part for me is learning so much about different industries. We work with companies from so many different sectors, and without fail, having a digital presence has helped them all in achieving goals that were previously unattainable.'


'Right now is a really exciting time to be part of web development as 2018 is 'The Year of Engineering'. Sheffield's focus on promoting careers within STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is currently taking centre stage throughout the city, making it a truly exciting environment to work in.'


If you would like any further information on becoming a digital expert, contact our team today.



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