Do pop-ups actually work?

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Since their materialisation in the 1990s, pop-ups have remained a controversial source of advertising for marketers. Deciding whether to use them for your own site requires weighing up the pros and cons. Keep reading to help determine whether they'll be effective for you.




Pop-ups can dramatically increase conversion rates on some sites. When done in a professional manner, they are effective in highlighting key products of the site and increasing site membership. Because a pop-up cannot be visually ignored, they allow a site to focus the viewers attention on one message, which otherwise can often be very difficult.

Due to their low cost in comparison to other marketing methods, they often result in a large return on investment (ROI), the main reason why they are still so common.


Despite this, it is reasonable to believe that pop-ups are an ineffective means of digital advertising. This is largely due to the decreased user experience. They can make the site look unprofessional and be incredibly annoying to the viewer, as they are often difficult to get rid of. As a result, they can damage the reputation of the business.

The reduced user experience can result in reduced web traffic of the site. The inconvenient nature of the pop-ups can lead to an increased bounce rate, as users simply click off the site. In addition, due to an increase in pop-up blockers, the advertisements may not even be seen, making them ineffective.

Our Guidelines

If you do decide to use pop-ups, we recommend you follow some simple criteria to ensure they are used to maximum effect. Google now penalises sites using pop-ups on mobiles. For maximum SEO, ensure your pop-ups are disabled from the mobile site. Your pop-ups should also be easy to exit for the user, and not obtrusive to the whole page, to minimise the bounce rate. We suggest being limited with your pop-ups, using carefully selected, valuable content.

When introducing pop-ups to your site, it is useful to have a test-period to decide whether they are working effectively. If they are not, you should be flexible to adapting them, or deciding against the use of pop-ups entirely. To review your companies online advertising, contact Hydra Creative on: 01142 509 578.


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