5 tips for a conversion-driven landing page

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Regardless of your industry, every business has the same goal, to increase conversions. So whether your conversion is someone contacting you through your site, or a purchase being made on your website, you need to make the page that they land on appealing and relevant to your target user, otherwise they will just click off it and go straight onto your competitor's.

Users ideally want a landing page to be simple to use and straight to the point, so we have put together a collection of top tips to help you get the most out of your landing page.


Keep it clean

No we don’t mean for you to clean it as you would your house, but to keep the information on it concise and relevant to YOUR target audience. Nobody wants to read three long paragraphs and then realise a service/product is not for them. Try and grab their attention from the get go.


Make your call to action noticeable

Your call to action is what you want a user to do once they visit your site. You want people to call you, then put your phone number at the top. If you want users to sign up to a mailing list, then make sure that your sign up button is bold and they know they need to press it. So many times visitors to websites miss the calls to action because they just don’t see it, make sure nobody misses out on yours.


Be consistent to your brand

How would you feel if you went onto Apple’s website and it had bright colours flashing at you with no sort of order? You’d feel confused and think you were on the wrong site as Apple’s brand image is a sleek, futuristic look. Don’t defer from your own brand image when creating a landing page as people will see your business as been inconsistent and be reluctant to spend any money with you.


Check it works

How many websites have you been on only to find that it doesn't work properly, and then you go on someone else’s which does work? I can say I’ve done this quite a few times. Using a trusted web developer is a bonus as they will go through hours of testing. You can also test it yourself and pretend you’re one of your own customers to get an idea how their experience on your site will be.


Keep the same message

Keep your message entirely the same throughout your ads and your landing page. If your ad says click here for a free e-book, then make sure the e-book sign up form is on the landing page. Users will get annoyed if they click in your advert with the intentions of receiving something, and then never actually receive it.


Landing pages are just as important as your sales team when it comes to conversions, if you would like some more information on how you can improve your own landing pages, please get in touch on 0114 250 9578.


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