Windows 10 upgrade - what is new?

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So just 48 hours ago we saw the release of the widely anticipated Windows 10, since then over 14 million windows users have upgraded! But what is the difference?

Microsoft promise that Windows 10 will be simplified and that it can be used on a variety of devices from a 4 inch phone screen to an 80 inch television screen but why should you upgrade your current Windows system? I decided to explore the reviews and have compiled the list below.

What is so special about Windows 10?

  • New and improved start menu – the start menu is back and now it can be customised.
  • Cortana – Just like Siri for Apple products, you can now use Windows 10 to speak to your computer and get any file you requireby asking for it.
  • Xbox collaboration – with the Xbox app on Windows 10 you can now play any Xbox one game over your PC with an Xbox one or Xbox 360 controller, it streams any games that have ever been played on that Xbox.
  • Easy shut down – by pressing ALT+F4 users can choose to shut the computer down rather than having to go through different processes as seen in Windows 8
  • ‘Edge’ – Windows new internet browser, together with Cortana they work to provide relevant extra information, reviews and direction while you’re searching the web.

If you are currently using Windows 7 and upwards you can upgrade to Windows 10 for free for one full year, or its £99 to buy if you don’t have Windows 7 or higher.


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