The Art of Business Videography

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 A Sony FS5 Camera panning as a moving image

Video is one of the most engaging media mediums and also one of the most versatile. But only with a skilled videographer can you fully unlock the potential of video.

The brains behind the brawn
Using video, you can offer your stakeholders a snapshot of exactly what you do, what you deliver and what you can achieve. It showcases your service, increases engagement and presents an engaging profile of your company. But to maximise success demands skilled brains behind the camera, cue the videographer. An accomplished videographer brings to light all the functions of a camera and unites these functions with a creativity that is specifically targeted to elicit a particular response. We have such experts at Hydra Creative who can perform this wizardry with a camera.

What sets apart a good videographer?
To name but a few, a good videographer can capture the shots most suited to the message you are trying to convey, they are committed to quality, they know how to get the best from the equipment regardless of external factors, they know how to film unobtrusively to open up opportunity for organic shooting, they know how to edit and they know how to create videos with high production values that are not over-produced. But most importantly, by uniting technical knowledge with creativity they can bring a story to life. And a story is exactly what will engage viewers and create momentum around your business. And all completed to a brief and deadline.

Hydra's in-house videography team
Our skilled videography team at Hydra Creative have been showcasing their video prowess for the last five years. They know every trick in the book, and some that aren't, about how to get the best from the equipment. Films are remembered for telling a good story, and our team are experts at identifying the story to be told and bringing this tale to life.

Our team are spear-headed by lead videographer, James Plummer (BA Animation and Visual Effects). James has extensive experience working successfully across a variety of projects, including the ongoing development of a professional CPD (Continued Professional Development) video series.
The skillset of our team is multi-faceted, a broad spectrum of experience and expertise across the many layers of videography. From educational videos to the production of promotional videos for large organisations, one thing is always consistent and that is customer satisfaction. Our team are experts not only in their field, but also in client communication. They will guide each client through the filming process, from pre-production to final rendering, ensuring that the final product captivates attention just as it should. Browse through a portfolio of our videos under 'Video & Multimedia'.

The medium of video can be highly engaging and highly explosive when executed correctly, but to present a truly professional image and to maximise its potential demands a talented videographer. Find out more about our favourite camera equipment in our article on The Tech Behind Business Videography, or contact us for more information. 

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